(ENG) Since creating ICD Property in 2009, Chairman Michael Mai has always strongly believed valuing people is key to success. From recognising, developing, and rewarding good staff, to collaborating with the right partners and valuing their insights and experience. Treating people right has always been at the core of how ICD Property does business.

(ENG) The People Project at ICD Property spearheads the company’s staff development, internal events, celebrations, and day-to-day culture. They are the team actively working behind the scenes to make sure coming to work every day can be enjoyable for staff. Their passion is cultivating engaging workplace environments that allow the people in them to thrive, and they do this by identifying what it is people really want and finding ways to align this with their careers.

(ENG) Whether it’s creating new roles better suited to an individual’s skills and passions or implementing a unique and untried internal system, let our People Project team show you why it pays off to invest in your staff, experiment doing things differently, and adopt creative management styles.

(ENG) Here you’ll learn all about ICD Property’s latest events, initiatives, and staff developments. This is a space to showcase how we do things The ICD Way and invite conversation around improving the industry for all.


对ICD Property而言,未来充满了精彩。我们的理想不断扩大,我们的关系不断强化,我们的成就也得到了认可。我们将继续发展壮大,不断超越。现在,就是和我们携手合作的大好时机。


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